BeagleCore™ BCM1.ETR

BeagleCore™ BCM1 module for extended temperature range

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Specially designed for rugged applications and rough environments, the Beagle Core™ BCM1.ETR module offers everything the standard BCM1 module offers, but is suitable for extended temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

The Beagle Core™ BCM1 module is just one-third the size of a BeagleBone Black. Nevertheless, it provides the same core-feautres. Using an ingenious PIN assignment the BeagleCore allows access to all the functionality of the BeagleBone Black. If you can run your application on a BeagleBone, it also works on a Beagle Core™ BCM1. You also benefit from the fact that you can create your own PCB layout and are no longer dependent only on Capes to enhance the capabilities of your base boards. This will expand the range of possible BeagleBone applications. You almost have no limitations. If you have a solution in mind, you can implement it with Beagle Core™.

Technical data
Texas Instruments AM335x Cortex-A8 “Sitara”
CPU Cache
256 KB (ARM Cortex-A8)
ARM Cortex-A8
CPU Clock
512 MB DDR3
Graphics controller
3D graphics
4 GB 8-bit eMMC
1440 × 900 Pixel
Operating system
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Windows 10
48 mm × 31 mm × 3,5 mm
Power supply
5 V/DC
Interfaces & functions
  • 1 × RGMII Interface for 10/100/1000 Mbit LAN
  • 1 × USB 2.0 Host & Client
  • 1 × SDIO (for SD memory cards)
  • 1 × UART / 1 × JTAG (for debugging)
  • up to 59 × GPIO for HDMI, CAN, I2C, etc.
Operating temperature
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