Computer Boards

embedded NUC board

embedded NUC™ is a particularly compact form factor of 104 mm × 104 mm, which is based on the popular Intel® NUC systems, but for industrial applications. embedded NUC™ Computer Boards by iesy combine Qseven or COM Express compact modules with individualizable base boards and a variety of interfaces.

embedded mini-STX board

embedded mini-STX is an ultra-compact formfactor that cloeses the gap between Mini-ITX and embedded NUC. With just 140 mm x 147 mm (5 x 5 inch, thus matching Intels 5x5 standard) in size, embedded mini-STX offers a footprint of 289 mm² and thus about two-third more space than embedded NUC boards. This allows for server-on-modules, like COM Express type 7 as well as for a wide variety of interfaces that can be utilized on a very minimalistic footprint.